Inauguration of PT. Bara Mega Quantum

PT Bara Mega Quantum is a company that was established in April 2007. The mining company obtained Exploration Mining Authorization Number: 282 of 2007 from the North Bengkulu Regency Government, and the Clean and Clear (CnC) certificate was issued respectively Number 707 / BB / 03/2016 which is the last permit from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Since 2017, the mining company whose work area is in the area of Rindu Hati Village, Taba Penanjung Bengkulu Tengah, has started operations.

With the slogan “Coal Green Energy”, PT. BMQ carries out all mining activities by continuing to heed the applicable legal rules.

For this reason, the company is equipped with technical documents as a legal requirement for mining as indicated by the Mining Law No. 4 of 2009. Starting from the Post Mining Mine Reclamation and Guarantee Plan, RKAB, RKTTL, Environmental Permit Amdal from the governor and other technical documents.

PT. BMQ is also active in social activities, as part of the members of the Bengkulu Coal Mining Association (APBB) such as contributing to disaster victims, providing school buses as part of corporate and other CSR.