Providing high quality coals with competitive price since 2007.

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About Us

We have the legality that can be checked on the government website and several partners have become our clients.

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We provide competitive prices with companies that sell other coal and of course the best quality

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We have been trusted by our customer and many of them have become our partners

We provide the best and fastest service in handling requests.

We provide many varieties of coal to fullfil the needs of our potential customers

We are one of an Indonesian registered company that is fully licensed in a mining operation.

About Us

Why Us?

Benefits obtained

There are many advantages if you buy the type of coal that is in our company and of course we have official permission.

Low Price
Coals Quality
Mine Area
Office History

Our Board of Director

Ahwil Loetan


Yusril Ihza


Sultan Bactiar



Direktur Utama

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    Please wait until you get an email reply from us, we will reply 1x24 hours on weekdays.

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    We will deliver the coal based on the contract that has been signed.